The BIG Maples are in stock now…and beginning to leaf out
come see these terrific specimens for big bang for the buck
like the above Twombleys Red Sentinel 3.5 caliper

Our great plant product includes:

• Acer Twombleys Red Sentinel for 1,878. at 3.5 caliper
• Acer Twombleys 6/7 foot
• Bloodgood 6/7 caliper
• Acer Bloodgoods
• Tamukeyama
• Acer Red Emperor 3″ caliper
• Red Dragon 36/42 inch
• Acer Seiryu 6 inch caliper
• Acer Palmatum

Plus we have the small Japanese Maples, Boxwoods, Conifers, and unique specimen plants!

*Due to the emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) we regretfully have to postpone our dinner event scheduled for March 24th – we will revisit this situation in a couple of weeks. The health of our families, employees, customers, vendors, and partners remains paramount.

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Acer Twombleys Red Sentinel

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